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Kentucky, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1832Kentucky, USA I4395 Full 
2 Melvina "Vina"  Abt 1887Kentucky, USA I68 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
3 Adams, Abraham  Abt 1822Kentucky, USA I1882 Full 
4 Adams, Charity  1820Kentucky, USA I2693 Full 
5 Adams, Ciscilia  Abt 1826Kentucky, USA I2825 Full 
6 Adams, John  Abt 1794Kentucky, USA I1884 Full 
7 Barnett, Zimri H.  20 Dec 1810Kentucky, USA I4881 Full 
8 Bayley, Wynder  21 Mar 1825Kentucky, USA I3124 Full 
9 Beard, Mary Jane  21 Jun 1835Kentucky, USA I152 Full 
10 Blewitt, Eli  Abt 1812Kentucky, USA I252 Gilmore-Donald 
11 Bolles, James  Abt 1839Kentucky, USA I1529 Gilmore-Donald 
12 Bolles, Robert  Abt 1832Kentucky, USA I1527 Gilmore-Donald 
13 Bolles, Sarah  Abt 1835Kentucky, USA I1528 Gilmore-Donald 
14 Bowen, Emily  Abt 1838Kentucky, USA I104 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
15 Brazzell, Annie  Oct 1898Kentucky, USA I6433 Full 
16 Brazzell, Bertha  14 Oct 1887Kentucky, USA I6429 Full 
17 Brazzell, Henry Franklin  18 Sep 1880Kentucky, USA I5676 Full 
18 Brazzell, Ida Lillian  Jun 1893Kentucky, USA I6431 Full 
19 Brazzell, James Edgar  28 Feb 1884Kentucky, USA I6428 Full 
20 Brazzell, Speight  Dec 1896Kentucky, USA I6432 Full 
21 Brazzell, Willie Flatt  28 Jun 1891Kentucky, USA I6430 Full 
22 Brown, Cynthia  Abt 1855Kentucky, USA I139 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
23 Brown, Edith "Eddy"  Abt 1857Kentucky, USA I141 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
24 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Kentucky, USA I36 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
25 Brown, Jeffrey "J. J."  Abt 1830Kentucky, USA I135 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
26 Burnham, Julia A.  1822Kentucky, USA I190 Full 
27 Carson, Jane Wyley  7 Apr 1818Kentucky, USA I1085 Full 
28 Chandler, Thomas J.  1835-1836Kentucky, USA I17 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
29 Chowning, Isaac  8 Apr 1825Kentucky, USA I189 Full 
30 Clardy, Betty  Abt 1862Kentucky, USA I2837 Full 
31 Clardy, John  Abt 1859Kentucky, USA I2836 Full 
32 Clardy, Nancy  Abt 1856Kentucky, USA I2835 Full 
33 Clardy, Thomas Juda "Julia"  25 Dec 1866Kentucky, USA I2839 Full 
34 Clardy, William  Abt 1864Kentucky, USA I2838 Full 
35 Clark, Alexander  Abt 1879Kentucky, USA I173 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
36 Clark, Anna Polina  Mar 1868Kentucky, USA I753 Full 
37 Clark, Annie  Abt 1879Kentucky, USA I2126 Full 
38 Clark, Jane  Abt 1874Kentucky, USA I2122 Full 
39 Clark, John Hayes  1803Kentucky, USA I124 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
40 Clark, Lemuel G.  21 May 1853Kentucky, USA I740 Full 
41 Clark, Levy  Abt 1878Kentucky, USA I2124 Full 
42 Clark, Lorenzo Dow  1837-1838Kentucky, USA I166 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
43 Clark, Louisa  Abt 1872Kentucky, USA I171 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
44 Clark, Margaret  1859Kentucky, USA I746 Full 
45 Clark, Martha  Abt 1873Kentucky, USA I2119 Full 
46 Clark, Martha A.  Abt 1857Kentucky, USA I2331 Full 
47 Clark, Mary F.  Abt 1869Kentucky, USA I170 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
48 Clark, Nancy  Abt 1876Kentucky, USA I2120 Full 
49 Clark, Nathan Abraham  1867Kentucky, USA I752 Full 
50 Clark, Obadiah Lewis  Mar 1868Kentucky, USA I755 Full 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clark, Byrd Lewis  25 Jul 1876Kentucky, USA I2909 Full 
2 Clark, Lemuel G.  2 Feb 1931Kentucky, USA I740 Full 
3 Clark, Nathan Abraham  1868Kentucky, USA I752 Full 
4 Clark, Sarah Martha  1868Kentucky, USA I751 Full 
5 Hunt, Amanda Jane  18 Jan 1927Kentucky, USA I741 Full 
6 Hunt, Levi Bethel  8 Jan 1910Kentucky, USA I743 Full 
7 Paris, Lydia  23 Apr 1893Kentucky, USA I2910 Full 
8 Ragsdale, Permilia Catherine  24 Dec 1933Kentucky, USA I737 Full 
9 Rogers, Lena   I6937 Full 
10 Story, Margaret  Abt 1835Kentucky, USA I2958 Full 
11 Young, Maria Zella  1959Kentucky, USA I29 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 George, Alexander G. Y.  10 Sep 1814Kentucky, USA I6 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / [Unknown]  Bef 1816Kentucky, USA F729 Full 
2 Clark / Ragsdale  2 Dec 1869Kentucky, USA F331 Full 
3 Johnson / Duley  12 Nov 1867Kentucky, USA F818 Full 
4 Music / Clark  Abt 1888Kentucky, USA F58 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
5 Wood / Downey  Before 1856Kentucky, USA F76 Gilmore-Donald