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Illinois, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clara D.  Abt 1859Illinois, USA I4374 Full 
2 Mary  Abt 1862Illinois, USA I4375 Full 
3 Mary A.  Dec 1862Illinois, USA I4655 Full 
4 Adams, Abraham  Abt 1848Illinois, USA I1348 Full 
5 Adams, Andrew J.  Abt 1846Illinois, USA I1347 Full 
6 Adams, Isabelle  Abt 1844Illinois, USA I1346 Full 
7 Adams, Joanne T.  Abt 1851Illinois, USA I2797 Full 
8 Adams, John W.  Abt 1840Illinois, USA I1344 Full 
9 Adams, Julia  Abt 1838Illinois, USA I1343 Full 
10 Adams, Mary  Abt 1842Illinois, USA I1345 Full 
11 Adams, Russell Z.M.  Abt 1854Illinois, USA I2798 Full 
12 Adams, Wave  Abt 1901Illinois, USA I7533 Full 
13 Allen, Laura Jane  1865Illinois, USA I994 Full 
14 Allhousing, Ann Missouri  Abt 1846Illinois, USA I4380 Full 
15 Austin, Sylvester B.   I6818 Full 
16 Bagby, Annie  Abt 1853Illinois, USA I2403 Full 
17 Bagby, Benjamin A.  Abt 1862Illinois, USA I1990 Full 
18 Bagby, Catherine  Abt 1842Illinois, USA I2399 Full 
19 Bagby, Davis P.  Abt 1844Illinois, USA I2400 Full 
20 Bagby, Esper  Abt 1868Illinois, USA I1106 Full 
21 Bagby, James N.  Abt 1846Illinois, USA I2401 Full 
22 Bagby, John F.  Abt 1835Illinois, USA I3358 Full 
23 Bagby, Mary  Abt 1849Illinois, USA I2402 Full 
24 Bagby, Nancy  Abt 1865Illinois, USA I1105 Full 
25 Bagby, Oscar  Abt 1863Illinois, USA I1104 Full 
26 Bagby, Thomas  Abt 1871Illinois, USA I1107 Full 
27 Bagby, William D.  Abt 1875Illinois, USA I1108 Full 
28 Bagby, William H.  21 Nov 1838Illinois, USA I3133 Full 
29 Baird, Thomas  Aug 1841Illinois, USA I8758 Full 
30 Barker, Alfred  24 Jan 1885Illinois, USA I151 Full 
31 Barker, Emery   I3842 Full 
32 Barker, Helen   I3840 Full 
33 Barker, Oma Pearl  Abt 1919Illinois, USA I3841 Full 
34 Barker, Willard  Abt 1915Illinois, USA I3839 Full 
35 Bayley, Lenola  Abt 1854Illinois, USA I816 Full 
36 Bayley, Lucinda  Abt 1849Illinois, USA I3818 Full 
37 Bayley, Silas  Abt 1848Illinois, USA I3817 Full 
38 Bayley, Viola  Abt 1852Illinois, USA I814 Full 
39 Beard, Edward T. "Red"  Abt 1830Illinois, USA I3708 Full 
40 Beard, Illion  Abt 1864Illinois, USA I6659 Full 
41 Beard, Inez A.  Abt 1861Illinois, USA I6658 Full 
42 Beard, Simon  Abt 1844Illinois, USA I2776 Full 
43 Beard, William L.  Abt 1875Illinois, USA I3334 Full 
44 Bentley, Mary  Abt 1825Illinois, USA I4686 Full 
45 Bernard, Henry Lester  3 Mar 1868Illinois, USA I7632 Full 
46 Best, Agnes Catherine  Jun 1864Illinois, USA I4373 Full 
47 Best, Albert  Abt 1836Illinois, USA I4525 Full 
48 Best, Alvin  Abt 1910Illinois, USA I4704 Full 
49 Best, Asberry  Abt 1825Illinois, USA I4194 Full 
50 Best, Charles  Abt 1839Illinois, USA I4527 Full 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagby, William Anderson  13 Jul 1896Illinois, USA I150 Full 
2 Barnett, Elmer Davis  16 Mar 1993Illinois, USA I215 Gilmore-Donald 
3 Bolerjack, Elizabeth  Aft 1880Illinois, USA I739 Full 
4 Bolerjack, Harvey F.  25 Dec 1898Illinois, USA I3221 Full 
5 Brockett, Elizabeth  24 Aug 1916Illinois, USA I3374 Full 
6 Burnett, William G.  1912Illinois, USA I3022 Full 
7 Clarey, Margaret  20 Mar 1865Illinois, USA I2590 Full 
8 Cockrum, Mary A.  Between 1875 and 1880Illinois, USA I2329 Full 
9 Cook, Delila C.  1861Illinois, USA I1207 Full 
10 Davis, Cordelia Evan  1912Illinois, USA I3021 Full 
11 Davis, Isaac Sebastian  25 Apr 1861Illinois, USA I2984 Full 
12 Davis, James Alexander  5 Nov 1948Illinois, USA I3168 Full 
13 Davis, John  15 Mar 1835Illinois, USA I3029 Full 
14 Davis, Mary  18 Jan 1892Illinois, USA I3007 Full 
15 Davis, Priscilla  1887Illinois, USA I2998 Full 
16 Deboard, Benjamin  Between 1841 and 1850Illinois, USA I808 Full 
17 Deboard, Darius  23 Jul 1867Illinois, USA I1365 Full 
18 Deboard, John Wesley  29 Apr 1871Illinois, USA I879 Full 
19 Deboard, Lucinda Elvira  1849Illinois, USA I793 Full 
20 Deboard, William  Aft 1830Illinois, USA I639 Full 
21 Duncan, Richard M. Rev.  1898Illinois, USA I2995 Full 
22 Elder, Susannah  1850Illinois, USA I2946 Full 
23 Forrester, Frances  23 Mar 1895Illinois, USA I1716 Full 
24 Forrester, John C.  Aft 1860Illinois, USA I2899 Full 
25 Forrester, Lydia  10 Apr 1847Illinois, USA I651 Full 
26 Garrett, Samantha J.  21 Oct 1867Illinois, USA I3164 Full 
27 Garrett, William M.  16 Aug 1861Illinois, USA I3127 Full 
28 Gray, Thomas Alexander  1898Illinois, USA I3000 Full 
29 Groves, Sarah L.  17 Mar 1866Illinois, USA I1238 Full 
30 Hargroves, Andrew  1878Illinois, USA I1396 Full 
31 Joyner, Martha  7 Apr 1853Illinois, USA I2985 Full 
32 Leach, Malinda  Between 10 Dec 1841 and Oct 1848Illinois, USA I2666 Full 
33 McKenzie, Amanda Jane  25 Apr 1856Illinois, USA I3123 Full 
34 Meyers, Henry  1894Illinois, USA I973 Full 
35 Minor, Coleman  9 Apr 1885Illinois, USA I3009 Full 
36 Oliver, Charles  1868Illinois, USA I2994 Full 
37 Pearce, James A. Md  29 Dec 1854Illinois, USA I2993 Full 
38 Pratt, Alice  1900-1904?Illinois, USA I182 Gilmore-Donald 
39 Robinson, Susan  Between 1845 and 1850Illinois, USA I4138 Full 
40 Sebastian, Polly  1873Illinois, USA I2991 Full 
41 Story, Elizabeth  1935Illinois, USA I1142 Full 
42 Story, George  Aft 1820Illinois, USA I2944 Full 
43 Story, George  Mar 1863Illinois, USA I3373 Full 
44 Story, George Foster  Abt 1859Illinois, USA I2658 Full 
45 Story, John  Aft 1860Illinois, USA I2952 Full 
46 Story, Martha A.  1925Illinois, USA I803 Full 
47 Story, Samuel P.  25 Feb 1836Illinois, USA I3368 Full 
48 Stull, Hughey C.  26 Aug 1925Illinois, USA I7506 Full 
49 Towell, Henry  7 Oct 1841Illinois, USA I2989 Full 
50 Veach, Drucilla  12 Sep 1871Illinois, USA I2922 Full 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Daniel W.  Illinois, USA I2801 Full 
2 Brockett, Elizabeth  Illinois, USA I3374 Full 
3 Davis, Priscilla  Illinois, USA I2998 Full 
4 Joyner, Martha  Illinois, USA I2985 Full 
5 Sebastian, Polly  Illinois, USA I2991 Full 
6 Story, Elizabeth  Illinois, USA I1142 Full 
7 Story, George  Illinois, USA I3373 Full 
8 Story, George Jasper  Illinois, USA I1141 Full 
9 Story, Hannah J.  Illinois, USA I806 Full 
10 Story, Robert  Illinois, USA I1140 Full 
11 Story, Samuel P.  Illinois, USA I3368 Full 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, Phillip V. [Possible son]  1865Illinois, USA I4129 Full 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gillmor, Stewart  1856Illinois, USA I8343 Full 
2 Gillmor, Stewart  1856Illinois, USA I8343 Gilmore-Donald 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beard, Edward T. "Red"  3 May 1861Illinois, USA I3708 Full 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barker / Meyers  Abt 1910Illinois, USA F72 Full 
2 Bolerjack / Joyner  1 Dec 1862Illinois, USA F1101 Full 
3 Bolerjack / [Inknown]  Bef 1850Illinois, USA F1146 Full 
4 Brown / Mayberry  Abt 1835Illinois, USA F888 Full 
5 Deboard / Yates  22 Oct 1874Illinois, USA F105 Full 
6 Hartley / Carson  12 May 1835Illinois, USA F459 Full 
7 Hawkins / Walker  Abt 1906Illinois, USA F1857 Full 
8 Holmes / Parker  Before 1868Illinois, USA F1200 Full 
9 Hopkins / Hartley  Abt 1835Illinois, USA F461 Full 
10 Little / McKenzie  Abt 1865Illinois, USA F1060 Full 
11 Miller / Groves  2 Nov 1848Illinois, USA F490 Full 
12 Millspaugh / Hardesty  31 Aug 1837Illinois, USA F230 Full 
13 Oliver / Davis  28 Mar 1857Illinois, USA F1013 Full 
14 Smith / Pratt  Abt 1866Illinois, USA F54 Gilmore-Donald 
15 Smithpeters / Bolerjack  20 May 1878Illinois, USA F964 Full 
16 Story / Mayberry  12 Aug 1851Illinois, USA F889 Full 
17 Story / Sawtell  12 Dec 1888Illinois, USA F750 Full 
18 Walker / Parker  5 Apr 1880Illinois, USA F792 Full 
19 Walker / Weincil  Abt 1849Illinois, USA F1463 Full