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Missouri, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellen Marie  Abt 1914Missouri, USA I6192 Full 
2 Mary L.  Abt 1862Missouri, USA I4740 Full 
3 Ora  23 Mar 1907Missouri, USA I5475 Full 
4 Allen, Catherine  Abt 1916Missouri, USA I5076 Full 
5 Allen, Charles T.  Abt 1879-1882Missouri, USA I3672 Full 
6 Allen, Charlotte  Abt 1926Missouri, USA I5051 Full 
7 Allen, Fay  Abt 1924Missouri, USA I5050 Full 
8 Allen, Fred  Abt 1914Missouri, USA I5075 Full 
9 Allen, Hollis R.  Abt 1912Missouri, USA I5045 Full 
10 Allen, John  Apr 1858Missouri, USA I5073 Full 
11 Allen, Joy D.  Abt 1923Missouri, USA I5049 Full 
12 Allen, Mary Gertrude  Abt 1915Missouri, USA I5046 Full 
13 Anderson, John Pleasant  Abt 1859Missouri, USA I2355 Full 
14 Anderson, Sallly A.  Abt 1861Missouri, USA I2356 Full 
15 Anderson, Thomas T.  Abt 1866Missouri, USA I2357 Full 
16 Arbogast, Bertha  17 Apr 1877Missouri, USA I245 Full 
17 Arbogast, Ella May  Abt 1868Missouri, USA I547 Full 
18 Arbogast, John Washington "Wash" of "Johnny"  Abt 1864Missouri, USA I241 Full 
19 Arbogast, Posey Allen  1865Missouri, USA I546 Full 
20 Arbogast, Rosa Vivan  1872Missouri, USA I551 Full 
21 Atchley, Fernando "Nando"  Abt 1867Missouri, USA I1124 Gilmore-Donald 
22 Atchley, Herbert L.   I965 Gilmore-Donald 
23 Atchley, Imogene   I964 Gilmore-Donald 
24 Atchley, James F.   I963 Gilmore-Donald 
25 Atchley, James Louis  13 Mar 1914Missouri, USA I961 Gilmore-Donald 
26 Atchley, John  Abt 1866Missouri, USA I1123 Gilmore-Donald 
27 Atchley, Stanley Herbert  26 Feb 1875Missouri, USA I959 Gilmore-Donald 
28 Atchley, Susan Elizabeth  1864Missouri, USA I1122 Gilmore-Donald 
29 Barber, Anna Mae  24 Mar 1872Missouri, USA I1056 Gilmore-Donald 
30 Barnett, Minnie J.  Jun 1886Missouri, USA I7087 Full 
31 Bartels, Peggy Lou  7 Sept 1930Missouri, USA I3659 Full 
32 Batman, Mary Ellen  Abt 1832Missouri, USA I3478 Full 
33 Bay, Carolyn Kay   I1332 Full 
34 Bay, Mary Emmaline  2 Apr 1867Missouri, USA I5622 Full 
35 Beaman, Henry  Missouri, USA I4071 Full 
36 Beard, Leonard L.  Abt 1904Missouri, USA I2645 Full 
37 Bess, Walter E.  27 Dec 1884Missouri, USA I3844 Full 
38 Black, Archa M.  Sep 1863Missouri, USA I850 Full 
39 Black, Cicero  Abt 1871Missouri, USA I121 Full 
40 Black, Enock L.  Abt 1869Missouri, USA I2810 Full 
41 Black, James D.  Abt 1862Missouri, USA I130 Full 
42 Black, Martha E.  1873Missouri, USA I137 Full 
43 Black, Mary C.  Abt 1869Missouri, USA I120 Full 
44 Black, Sarah J. "Sally"  22 Apr 1865Missouri, USA I119 Full 
45 Black, Zilla A.  Abt 1875Missouri, USA I122 Full 
46 Blackman, Earnest L.  1880Missouri, USA I1558 Gilmore-Donald 
47 Blades, Callie C.  27 Sep 1895Missouri, USA I915 Gilmore-Donald 
48 Blythe, Addie  Nov 1882Missouri, USA I3927 Full 
49 Blythe, Aron Columbus  Abt 1858Missouri, USA I913 Full 
50 Blythe, Jack   I4067 Full 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, William M. C.  13 Mar 1900Missouri, USA I3063 Full 
2 Arbogast, Posey Allen  1871Missouri, USA I546 Full 
3 Arbogast, Rosa Vivan  1873Missouri, USA I551 Full 
4 Arbogast, Samuel  1873Missouri, USA I172 Full 
5 Atchley, James Louis  13 Feb 1984Missouri, USA I961 Gilmore-Donald 
6 Bird, Clerisa Alice  9 Mar 1883Missouri, USA I126 Full 
7 Black, Griffith  22 Dec 1888Missouri, USA I125 Full 
8 Black, John  5 Dec 1906Missouri, USA I2976 Full 
9 Black, Martha E.  1874Missouri, USA I137 Full 
10 Black, Susannah  10 Aug 1925Missouri, USA I2224 Full 
11 Bolerjack, John F.  14 Mar 1895Missouri, USA I463 Full 
12 Bolerjack, Leander S.  11 Nov 1891Missouri, USA I3293 Full 
13 Brill, Mary Caroline  25 May 1903Missouri, USA I3304 Full 
14 Brown, Green  Abt 1846Missouri, USA I2623 Full 
15 Burnham, Julia A.  24 Dec 1902Missouri, USA I190 Full 
16 Campbell, Boyd  Aft 1880Missouri, USA I587 Full 
17 Campbell, James  12 Aug 1880Missouri, USA I671 Full 
18 Campbell, John Boyd  1871Missouri, USA I609 Full 
19 Campbell, John E.  25 Feb 1879Missouri, USA I672 Full 
20 Campbell, Maggie M.  28 Sep 1882Missouri, USA I670 Full 
21 Campbell, Margaret B.  1879Missouri, USA I621 Full 
22 Campbell, Susan  Aft 1850Missouri, USA I605 Full 
23 Chowning, Livonia  23 Jul 1905Missouri, USA I3271 Full 
24 Clark, Alfred P.  Abt 1845Missouri, USA I3065 Full 
25 Clark, Isaac Payton  1886Missouri, USA I2977 Full 
26 Clark, Mary Ellen  29 Aug 1888Missouri, USA I2897 Full 
27 Clark, Minnie Belle  26 Jun 1900Missouri, USA I849 Full 
28 Clark, Rebecca Jane  11 Feb 1902Missouri, USA I2895 Full 
29 Cobb, James W.  1901Missouri, USA I732 Full 
30 Cook, Mary Ann  Between 1880 and 1883Missouri, USA I1814 Full 
31 Crowder, Elizabeth Jane  24 Mar 1879Missouri, USA I144 Full 
32 Crowder, John R.  Missouri, USA I1158 Full 
33 Crowder, John W.  2 May 1912Missouri, USA I429 Full 
34 Cunningham, Emeline  1878Missouri, USA I3258 Full 
35 Deboard, Alice  8 Sep 1994Missouri, USA I1041 Full 
36 Deboard, Ira Lyman  24 Sep 1886Missouri, USA I586 Full 
37 Deboard, Margaret  Abt 1907Missouri, USA I552 Full 
38 Deboard, Marine Frances  Abt 1899Missouri, USA I1671 Full 
39 Deboard, Robert Retus "Retus"  27 Aug 1962Missouri, USA I1355 Full 
40 Deboard, [Unnamed]  22 Oct 1918Missouri, USA I2850 Full 
41 Durnell, Mary  9 Oct 1897Missouri, USA I1031 Full 
42 Fortner, Ida F.  22 Jul 1982Missouri, USA I2800 Full 
43 Fox, Jefferson  17 Dec 1892Missouri, USA I638 Full 
44 Gale, William Milford  13 Sep 1906Missouri, USA I2760 Full 
45 Hargroves, Franklin C.  1897Missouri, USA I956 Full 
46 Hartley, James Jr.  3 Oct 1867Missouri, USA I1074 Full 
47 Hill, Clyde Milton  31 Dec 1965Missouri, USA I543 Full 
48 Hill, Frederick Clark  25 Oct 1887Missouri, USA I542 Full 
49 Hill, Milton Brittle  1 Jan 1872Missouri, USA I2041 Full 
50 Holden, Laura  1974Missouri, USA I1400 Full 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolerjack, Leander S.  Missouri, USA I3293 Full 
2 Cameron, Isabella  Aft 12 Mar 1944Missouri, USA I615 Full 
3 Campbell, James Lewis  Aft 30 Nov 1902Missouri, USA I613 Full 
4 Campbell, John Fieldin  Aft 19 May 1942Missouri, USA I630 Full 
5 Campbell, Margaret B.  Missouri, USA I621 Full 
6 Campbell, Thomas J.  Aft 24 Jan 1923Missouri, USA I627 Full 
7 Campbell, Tryphena  Aft 1880Missouri, USA I652 Full 
8 Campbell, Virgil  Aft 17 May 1890Missouri, USA I668 Full 
9 Clark, John Lawson  Aft 1876Missouri, USA I2831 Full 
10 Clark, Mary Ellen  Aft 29 Aug 1888Missouri, USA I2897 Full 
11 Deboard, Nannie D.  Missouri, USA I260 Full 
12 Deboard, Robert Retus "Retus"  Aft 27 Aug 1962Missouri, USA I1355 Full 
13 Fox, Boyd  Missouri, USA I641 Full 
14 Fox, Jefferson  Aft 17 Dec 1892Missouri, USA I638 Full 
15 Fox, John B.  Aft 3 Mar 1924Missouri, USA I677 Full 
16 Gilliam, Lemuel W.  Aft 12 May 1940Missouri, USA I3280 Full 
17 Maples, Elizabeth  Missouri, USA I632 Full 
18 Pickens, Pearl Eliza  Missouri, USA I712 Full 
19 Rogers, Martha Melinda  Aft 3 Oct 1902Missouri, USA I620 Full 
20 Roush, Aquilla Sevilla  Aft 23 Oct 1948Missouri, USA I3273 Full 
21 [Inknown], Mary Francis  Aft 26 Apr 1875Missouri, USA I614 Full 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, Mary [dau Sylvester]  30 Oct 1882Missouri, USA I4439 Full 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hartley, Henry Kindell  June 1861-December 1861Missouri, USA I1874 Full 
2 Hopkins, Thomas B.  Abt 1861-1865Missouri, USA I1863 Full 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pension    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jolley, Lutchia Jane  5 Aug 1890Missouri, USA I680 Gilmore-Donald 
2 Jolley, Lutchia Jane  8 May 1899Missouri, USA I680 Gilmore-Donald 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clark, Isaac  Abt 1846Missouri, USA I2973 Full 
2 Findley, Elza Eugene  1935Missouri, USA I3488 Full 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Robbins  15 May 1879Missouri, USA F656 Full 
2 Adkins / Sloan  Between 1862 and 1870Missouri, USA F747 Full 
3 Beard / Deboard  28 Nov 1896Missouri, USA F1128 Full 
4 Brown / Campbell  24 Dec 1868Missouri, USA F287 Full 
5 Bunch / Thornton  Between 1915 and 1917Missouri, USA F799 Full 
6 Carter / Easley  Between 1915 and 1920Missouri, USA F21 Full 
7 Clark /   21 Oct 1870Missouri, USA F968 Full 
8 Clark / Carey  6 Jan 1867Missouri, USA F953 Full 
9 Clark / Hicks  Abt 1888Missouri, USA F1356 Full 
10 Clark / Sutton  27 Dec 1868Missouri, USA F918 Full 
11 Forester / Crowder  2 Sep 1900Missouri, USA F183 Full 
12 Hartley / Akins  Abt 1841Missouri, USA F462 Full 
13 Hartley / Paynter  Abt 1862Missouri, USA F1454 Full 
14 Hartley / Sherrill  9 May 1850Missouri, USA F453 Full 
15 Herndon / Clark  17 Aug 1873Missouri, USA F1049 Full 
16 Holland / Clark  1 May 1864Missouri, USA F966 Full 
17 Ledford / Bolerjack  24 Nov 1897Missouri, USA F1119 Full 
18 Lorance / Park   F549 Gilmore-Donald 
19 McFarland / Johnson  25 Mar 1868Missouri, USA F300 Full 
20 Nicholas / Black  20 Sep 1867Missouri, USA F793 Full 
21 Ogle / Dixon  20 Feb 1866Missouri, USA F814 Full 
22 Patterson / Clark  12 Sep 1877Missouri, USA F1052 Full 
23 Phipps / Louis  30 Jul 1857Missouri, USA F413 Full 
24 Ritchey / Linthicum  Abt 1870Missouri, USA F943 Full 
25 Roush / Davis  1912Missouri, USA F702 Full 
26 Schaefer / Coffman   F395 Gilmore-Donald 
27 Scott / Bowers  Abt 1878Missouri, USA F347 Full 
28 Shockley / Clark  25 Aug 1877Missouri, USA F1051 Full 
29 Smith / Compton  21 Sep 1884Missouri, USA F937 Full 
30 Smith / Reece  Abt 1868Missouri, USA F483 Full 
31 Smith / Sloan  Bef 1847Missouri, USA F258 Full 
32 Sutton / Clark  14 Aug 1871Missouri, USA F1050 Full 
33 Thornton / Pittman  8 Nov 1909Missouri, USA F8 Full 
34 Triplett / Holden  Missouri, USA F92 Full 
35 Walker / Busby   F837 Full 
36 Walker / Butcher   F547 Full 
37 Walker / Willbanks   F853 Full 
38 Woody / Gill  Abt 1912Missouri, USA F22 Full 
39 Zumwalt / Peak  1 Dec 1847Missouri, USA F923 Full