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Oklahoma, USA


Tree: Full

Latitude: 35.0077519, Longitude: -97.092877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Andrew F.  Abt 1940-1943Oklahoma, USA I3639 Full 
2 Black, Franka   I8874 Full 
3 Bolerjack, Byrum Austin  Abt 1923Oklahoma, USA I8722 Full 
4 Bolerjack, Clifford   I8724 Full 
5 Bolerjack, Kenneth P.   I7376 Full 
6 Bolerjack, Lenora  Abt 1910Oklahoma, USA I2408 Full 
7 Campbell, Clyde Caleb  5 Feb 1914Oklahoma, USA I507 Full 
8 Champe, William LeCartl  1909Oklahoma, USA I8544 Full 
9 Chandler, Harriet  Abt 1926Oklahoma, USA I5083 Full 
10 Chandler, William Findley "Bill"  Abt 1914Oklahoma, USA I5082 Full 
11 Clark, Alice Lorena  7 March 1910Oklahoma, USA I6724 Full 
12 Clark, Mamie  Abt 1908Oklahoma, USA I6723 Full 
13 Clark, Randall C.  Abt 1917-1919Oklahoma, USA I6225 Full 
14 Clark, William Asberry  Abt 1935Oklahoma, USA I8880 Full 
15 Clay, Zora Mae  4 Jun 1894Oklahoma, USA I628 Full 
16 Davis, Noel Logan  25 Aug 1915Oklahoma, USA I725 Gilmore-Donald 
17 Deaton, Carrie Dean  Abt 1931Oklahoma, USA I1730 Full 
18 Deaton, Floyd Madison   I1728 Full 
19 Deaton, Walter Earnest   I2631 Full 
20 Deboard, Anna Lorene   I8649 Full 
21 Deboard, Cora May "Corky"  Abt 1926Oklahoma, USA I3256 Full 
22 Deboard, Dorothy   I3580 Full 
23 Deboard, Ernest L.  Abt 1909Oklahoma, USA I1044 Full 
24 Deboard, Eula Levina  Abt 1909Oklahoma, USA I1113 Full 
25 Deboard, Georgia   I8651 Full 
26 Deboard, Harold  28 Jul 1910Oklahoma, USA I1045 Full 
27 Deboard, Ida  Abt 1916Oklahoma, USA I3579 Full 
28 Deboard, Iris R.  Abt 1914Oklahoma, USA I5643 Full 
29 Deboard, Norma   I8658 Full 
30 Deboard, Thelma  Abt 1906Oklahoma, USA I1043 Full 
31 Devore, Earl Arnold  6 May 1916Oklahoma, USA I747 Gilmore-Donald 
32 Devore, Frances  Abt 1923Oklahoma, USA I777 Gilmore-Donald 
33 Devore, James Reuel  16 Jan 1920Oklahoma, USA I776 Gilmore-Donald 
34 Devore, Pearl  Abt 1899Oklahoma, USA I748 Gilmore-Donald 
35 Foster, John  Abt 1879Oklahoma, USA I2 Full 
36 Hale, Constance  Abt 1921Oklahoma, USA I8504 Full 
37 Hale, Lawrence B. "Larry" Jr   I8505 Full 
38 Hale, Robert   I8507 Full 
39 Harper, Henry Charles Jr  Abt 1919Oklahoma, USA I779 Gilmore-Donald 
40 Harrison, Marilyn   I8438 Full 
41 Harrison, Roy F.  Abt 1900Oklahoma, USA I8437 Full 
42 Hemphill, Walter Harrison  19 Dec 1918Oklahoma, USA I712 Gilmore-Donald 
43 Hemphill, Willie Bell  23 Jan 1915Oklahoma, USA I713 Gilmore-Donald 
44 Hildebrand, Agnes M.  31 Oct 1908Oklahoma, USA I784 Gilmore-Donald 
45 Hill, Bess  1905Oklahoma, USA I6622 Full 
46 Hill, Chester Willie  22 Dec 1905Oklahoma, USA I368 Full 
47 Jolley, Hershell Everett  Abt 1918Oklahoma, USA I749 Gilmore-Donald 
48 Jolley, Sylvester  Abt 1921Oklahoma, USA I750 Gilmore-Donald 
49 Key, Elnora  Abt 1919Oklahoma, USA I8500 Full 
50 Key, Floyd   I8498 Full 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolerjack, Sarah Ellen  Abt 1946Oklahoma, USA I3286 Full 
2 Bolerjack, Thomas Sherman  May 1916Oklahoma, USA I3305 Full 
3 Campbell, Robert Lee  Abt 1954Oklahoma, USA I591 Full 
4 Clay, Zora Mae  Oct 1973Oklahoma, USA I628 Full 
5 Crowder, Thomas Spencer  14 Jan 1901Oklahoma, USA I430 Full 
6 Davis, Noel Logan  4 Apr 1998Oklahoma, USA I725 Gilmore-Donald 
7 Deboard, Allis  1918Oklahoma, USA I733 Full 
8 Deboard, Emma Elizabeth  19 Mar 1928Oklahoma, USA I1272 Full 
9 Deboard, Mary Elizabeth  12 Aug 1916Oklahoma, USA I3393 Full 
10 Deboard, Wayne W.  25 May 1984Oklahoma, USA I1416 Full 
11 Goodman, John H.  19 Apr 1955Oklahoma, USA I1294 Full 
12 Hill, Henry Shirley  1962Oklahoma, USA I2060 Full 
13 Hopson, William Lewis  23 Jan 1951Oklahoma, USA I117 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
14 Jolley, Rilla L.  Between 1926-1930Oklahoma, USA I703 Gilmore-Donald 
15 Koonce, Elijah Willis  24 Oct 1920Oklahoma, USA I3397 Full 
16 McMurtry, Sarah Jane  1 Dec 1916Oklahoma, USA I2409 Full 
17 Nash, Sena Estel  14 Jul 1988Oklahoma, USA I2750 Full 
18 Ramsey, Susan  1953Oklahoma, USA I6621 Full 
19 Stokes, Earl Raymond DNA  12 Jul 1988Oklahoma, USA I4998 Full 
20 Vaughan, Mahala Susan  7 Oct 1962Oklahoma, USA I115 ZZZ George (Client Julia George) 
21 Walker, Patrick Alonzo  1966Oklahoma, USA I3603 Full 
22 Wolfe, Naoma  1957Oklahoma, USA I3925 Full 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolerjack, Sarah Ellen  Oklahoma, USA I3286 Full 
2 Goodman, John H.  Aft 19 Apr 1955Oklahoma, USA I1294 Full 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Deboard, Hettie  27 Jun 1919Oklahoma, USA I3333 Full 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Deboard / Clay  Abt 1909Oklahoma, USA F270 Full 
2 Lasater / Bolling  22 Nov 1919Oklahoma, USA F2332 Full 
3 Moore / Key   F3258 Full 
4 Starnes / Jackson  18 Oct 1928Oklahoma, USA F2650 Full 
5 Stokes / Fletcher  10 Apr 1919Oklahoma, USA F1168 Full 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clark / Meadows   F1621 Full